What did you do to boost your resume today?

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So you have an internship or a job? Congrats! Here’s my question: what are you doing to get better at your job?

We’re coming off a very long stretch where careers looked like becoming a “company man,” where you showed up for work every day and did what your boss asked, and you got promoted based on the number of years that you’ve been employed.

Those days are gone. You will not be working in this job for the rest of your career. Period. While you may be promoted within your current organization, the big raises and promotions come from changing employers. Which means you need results. Now.

The goal of your current job is to build your resume for applying to your next one.

You don’t have time to wait around for 6 weeks while your company sets up your computer. You don’t have time to sit back and get paid to click through HR training modules. Will you be required to do those things? Sure. But don’t use them as an excuse for not delivering.

What did you add to your resume today so that you can promote yourself?

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