The Outdoor Industry Wants Public Lands Managed the Same Way They Manage Press Conferences
The Petroglyph

Obviously the self proclaimed “Outdoor Industry” is just a group of self centered people, because they surely don’t represent the entire Outdoor Industry which is a 10 Billion plus Dollar Industry. These people are environmentalists with the intentions of Exclusion. They must not care that we have an act called the American’s With Disabilities Act which clearly states that all people, including those with disabilities, have the same rights and same access as those without disabilities. There are many people who can’t go for a hike or ride a horse miles on end to experience these things, but they can if they have motorized access. These people are essentially taking land away from people who fought for their lives (Disabled Vets) and people with Mental and Physical Disabilities. Quit taking our land away and go focus on saving something else. Have you “Activists” ever been to Mexico? China? etc? I have! Go save them, their countries need it as they are filthy! Leave us alone!

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