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Download XcodeWe don’t actually have to interact directly in Xcode for Expo to work but we do need it installed for the iPhone Simulator

Download NodeIf you have created any type of React or Node app in the past then skip this step


First off we will want to download the Expo Command Line tool which allows us to forgo using Xcode at all! If you have ever dealt with dependency issues in a React Native build before you will understand why this is such a big deal.

TLDR; “It’s cheaper to travel than to live full-time in most large cities in the United States”.

I love to travel, I mean who doesn’t, but being a full-time freelance software engineer gives me more flexibility to actually pursue travel more than most. I have certainly taken advantage of that over the last year traveling to Hong Kong, Bangkok, Buenos Aires, Lima, Cusco (where I hiked Machu Picchu and was one of the best experiences of my life), Paris, Copenhagen, Berlin, Amsterdam, Amalfi Coast, Lisbon, Prague and that’s just cities outside the US.

Since I do travel a lot I…

tldr; I’m a React “fanboy”.

A few years ago, I came across two brand new javascript frameworks in Meteor and React. At first glance after comparing the two I did not really understand what was so special about React, meanwhile I would’ve bet the house that Meteor would be the next big javascript framework. It gave users the total package from frontend framework to backend database all with one line of code in the command line which no other framework had really accomplished.

After starting building my side projects in Meteor to get used to using the framework I quickly…

This is a complete guess but I am going to say that at least 50% of the people reading this article now are sitting at their desk at work making it seem like they are working until the day ends. I am also willing to bet that at some point in time you have dreamt about working for yourself or starting your own company around a great app idea you have. Both of those statements were true for me before I quit my job on the final day of 2016. …

Tim Moreton

Traveler, Developer, Teacher & Entrepreneur @

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