Want to be more Organized? Follow these 4 steps!

You’ve met people like this: those that are really organized. Everything’s in its place, they can quickly recall information, and they seem a bit less stressed that us.

Really organized people aren’t born that way — they’ve picked up tricks along the way. Here is how they pull it off:

1 — They Write Things Down

In an article written for LifeHack.org, Zachary Domes suggests that you can get organized by writing things down. Domes suggests that you write down birthdays and important date.

Better yet, put those items into an electronic calendar that can remind you days or weeks before the important date arrives. You can also use a mobile app that counts down the days until big events happen.

Domes also recommends that you keep track of to do list items, shopping lists for groceries, and ideas for holiday gifts. Most mobile phones have a to do list manager built in. If you don’t have one, Wunderlist is a good one to try.

Domes has a challenge for you. As an experiment, try writing down people’s names shortly after you meet them (when they’re not looking). I’ll bet you remember a lot more names that way.

2 — Put it Away

Zen Habits recommends that once you are done using something, put it away immediately. By doing this, your world will be uncluttered, you’ll never waste time looking for something, and you will be more organized. Very efficient. You could tell a stranger where to find anything in your home.

3 — Store Important Documents Online

The authors at Woman’s Day magazine suggest that you file copies of important documents (birth certificates, car title, passports, proof of immunizations, insurance information, etc.) in a three-ring binder with zippered plastic pockets to become more organized.

Better yet, file them online so that if your house is flooded or hit by fire, the documents will be safe and sound. The TriggerBox offers a convenient and secure way to store your documents online and can be protected by a digital key so that only you or your appointees can access (get a free account here).

4 — Follow Through

Wiki How says there’s no point in making a to-do list if you don’t have the discipline to complete your assigned tasks. Stop procrastinating, remove distractions and get on with it. If something keeps slipping to the bottom of your to do list, it’s probably not that important — so remove it from your list! How freeing is that?

When you begin working on tasks, resist the urge to check email and visit other websites. Put your blinders on — then you will be able to complete your tasks and get on with your day.


With just a few simple steps, you can get more organized today. Don’t procrastinate — get to it! If you’ve found things that help you get organized, please share them in the comments section below.

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