“Christian Sharia Law by Steve Neal”

Check it out! We have our first guest writer!

Welcome back to The Truth Hurts.

A friend of H and I on Twitter wanted to voice his opinion, so we asked if he wanted to write for the blog. He did. And here it is.

Steve is a veteran concerned about the direction of the US.

“I used to like religious people, felt they were morally superior and kind. Helping the less fortunate and teaching about love and tolerance for others.”

“I no longer feel that way, too much evidence to the contrary. Ever since Jerry Falwell married the Moral Majority to the Republican party in the 80’s they have been losing the Moral high-ground.”

“The economic elite have co-opted religion for their own political and financial gain. Using a few wedge issues like abortion and sexuality, they have built a reliable base of voters who seem to care about nothing else.”

“And while there are many denominations that do much good for the oppressed and down-trodden, my personal view of religion is forever tainted by their political actions. 
The mixing of religion and politics has never been a good idea, the Founding Fathers knew this, hence the 1st Amendment.”

“While many bemoan Muslim Sharia law, I fear a creeping Christian Sharia law in the US. I don’t begrudge anyone their faith, I do resent them trying to impose their morals on on others.”

“Love and tolerance are the only things religions should preach, in my opinion. Love rules, hate drools.”

We love a good opinion here, and Steve has one.

The Truth Hurts.