Fundraise for Breast Cancer with Dare2Tutu 2016!

We are proud to announce the launch of our 2016 breast cancer fundraiser, #Dare2Tutu. It is back and this year we hope to break last year’s record with your support! We have made it easier than ever to be a part of the campaign. Did you know that last year we raised over $50,000 in just 30 days and that we had over 800 photo submissions that cheered hundreds of breast cancer patients?

Many ways to become a breast cancer advocate!

  1. Want to go ALL OUT, buy a tutu and create your own breast cancer fundraising campaign? Start here.

2. Is your entire team ready to participate? Buy discounted team tutus and create a team fundraising campaign!


3. No go on the tutu? No problem. Donate & Download our fun templates and show the world you care by posting your support to social media.

dare2tutu breast cancer fundraiser

4. Too busy but want to donate? Choose Bob or Linda’s team! They run a team contest every year just for bragging rights. Will you pick the man in the pink tutu, or his lovely wife that inspires us all? Tough choice indeed.

Team Bob! Team Linda!

The Tutu Project™ is committed to raising funds for breast cancer thrivers, survivors, and their families. We offer laughter, understanding, and real-world support to ease the financial and emotional burdens that come with breast cancer diagnoses. Bob, a professional photographer, and Linda, a metastatic breast cancer warrior for over ten years, created The Tutu Project because of their own experience with breast cancer.


Originally published at The Tutu Project.