Influencers have been heralded as the modern marketing campaign’s golden ticket to success. Brands that are willing to attach faces to product names search through countless profiles in the hopes that one well-placed post will guarantee success across awareness and, of course, acquisition. Turns out they’d be better off investing their cash elsewhere.

Influencer content is undoubtedly popular amongst Gen Z and millennials. An article published by Adweek cites how over 88 percent of both these generations learn about new products via an influencer account. …

Social media is here to stay. How future generations use it, however, is already drastically changing. While many have noticed that Gen Z and millennials are steadily logging off for longer, it’s not to say that they’re forgoing the digital world completely. They’re simply looking to be more responsible, and hoping the world does the same.

In order to better understand this, let’s take a step back and realize that, not even five years ago, marketers and business insiders predicted the demise of the brick-and-mortar store. Legacy brands such as Macy’s were going under, and staple stores such as Lord…


Young people have a reputation for spending their money willy-nilly. This is most apparent in the stereotype of millennials (and, to an extent, Gen Z), who supposedly throw away exorbitant amounts of cash on experiences like Coachella yet fail to finance something like a mortgage. As such, “buy now, pay later” (or BNPL) services — those which allow for payments to be made in installments — should have younger consumers going gaga with frivolous shopping.

Au contraire.

Gen Z and millennials are far more financially prudent than the public perceives them to be. This makes sense considering…


We humans tend to like things that are bad for us. This rings true with food most of all, with fast food corporations remaining popular despite being repeatedly under fire for their unhealthy items. As generations who’ve grown up learning what harm eating such foods can do, one would assume that junk food would be breathing its last with Gen Z and millennials. One would be wrong.


Older generations tend to shake their heads and cluck at the ways of the young. To them, youthful generations are so wrapped up in fads that they fail to uphold the values and traditions which were previously so revered. Marriage? Declining. Chivalry? Dead. The youth have no time for historic morals of society, says they. But that’s just plain not true.

Sure, as with every new age, some practices and ideals go by the wayside. But Gen Z and millennials are far more traditional than some would assume. This is particularly prevalent in terms of relationships. …


There’s something romantic about driving. Sitting down behind the wheel and going wherever the road may take you is arguably the very essence of American culture. But it’s a love affair that’s slowly fizzling out with Gen Z and millennials, who would much rather take an Uber as opposed to paying for a car. Or is it?

It’s true that there’s plenty of evidence supporting the argument that the drive to drive is dwindling among younger generations. Climate-conscious and financially wary, Gen Z and millennials would stray from purchasing expensive, pollutant-emitting vehicles. …


Lena Dunham once famously proclaimed via her character on “Girls,” “I’m the voice of my generation.” While many recognize this as satire, they may be less likely to realize how often many public figures hold this mindset to be true. Especially when it comes to younger generations.

Gen Z and millennials aren’t shy about voicing their own opinions. In fact, they can speak for themselves, thank you very much, and would prefer to keep it at that. Yet corporations continue to feel the need for leveraging spokespeople they think best represent a generation.

Colin Kaepernick is one…


The driving force behind keeping the movie business in business, the cinematic preferences of Gen Z and millennials have made more than one entertainment critic roll their eyes. How, one bemoans, could younger generations choose films such as Disney live-actions when something like “The Farewell” is out there? Are they such a bovine, maturity-lacking population that they can’t handle anything that makes them think, instead going for cheap thrills found in dragons and spaceships and weirdos in capes?

Like most things, there’s more to the story than Gen Z and millennial’s supposed lack of taste. And this…


In Ernest Cline’s hit sci-fi novel, “Ready Player One,” three words are repeatedly spoken by characters fighting against a world consumed by virtual reality: “Reality is real.” To them, no matter how much the computerized environment is pushed upon society, it will never live up to the genuine satisfaction the real world could give. When it comes to real versus “impossible” meats, Gen Z and millennials feel exactly the same way.

It hasn’t been long since the impossible burger — a mixture of plant-based ingredients that “bleeds” like real meat — entered the food industry. Since then…


Fandoms took stan culture to new heights with the boom of social media and fan-voted awards in the 2010s, but what we are witnessing now reveals that the passion around stardom has hit new levels. At The Tylt, listening is in our DNA and what we heard in late 2019 through fan polling was loud and clear: fandom is an unbroken fever. In the span of three weeks, fans voting on their favorite Pop Icon of the Decade and best groups broke all records set during The Tylt’s 4-year-old history.

Music’s greatest fan armies mobilized like never…

The Tylt

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