Chronicles of Marriage

The ringing of a phone could be heard over the laughter of my sister and I. Immediately, our laughter and conversation was halted and my ears perked up as my sister and I stared over at one another as if to say “”Did you just hear that?” without speaking a single word. Instead, both of us sat as still as our bodies would allow, waiting for the phone to sound off again, as if we actually needed the confirmation. Never had the sound of an iphone, (or any other phone for that matter) given me so much anxiety. But once the phone sounded off once more, without any further hesitation, I lept from the bed, landing on my feet. Before I could even realize it, I was out of my sister’s room and into the room that my Husband and I shared. Snatching the phone from it’s charger, my mind began to race, and I could feel my heart beating in my ears, my hands and forehead were sweating, and I suddenly had the worst case of the bubble guts. “What are the ODDS..?” Were the only words that I could manage to spit out, as I held the phone in my hand, anxious for another text to come through.

My husband had never been one to leave his phone at home, or unattended, so I knew that this was done in error and by faith. I was sure that he must have been panicking from where ever he was at, realizing that he had left his phone. At first, I thought “Do you really want to know?”, but before I could answer myself, texts began to flow through one right after another, but the one that caught my eye, and left me feeling nauseous was one that read “I love you, and I am willing to fight for you.”

Instantly my mind became hazy, and my hands began to tremble, causing me to nearly drop the phone on the hardwood floor of our room. Furious that the phone had a code on it, I let out a frustrated sigh. Who was she? And what did she mean that she was willing to fight for him? He wasn’t hers to fight for, he was MINE and had been for 5 years. I needed desperately to get into this phone, and get answers. . But then the texts stopped suddenly, which frustrated me even further, if only I could just get her number I could go from there, but she stopped texting. Overwhelmed, I sat the phone down. An began to ponder on how I would approach this lying, cheating, two timing, pathetic excuse for a man. But once again, before I even had the time to think another text came through and this time the number appeared right above it. Fumbling and scrambling around, I grabbed a pen and paper and jotted down the numbers.

Then, ran into the room where my sister sat anxiously on the edge of her bed, “What happened? Did you find anything?” I had no words, I’m assuming due to the extreme shock that I was in, why was she asking so many questions? I was in no mood or shape to answer questions right now, my head was spinning, and I felt like my knees would give out on me at any moment. Lifting the paper which held the number of my Husband possible mistress, I finally found my voice again. “I got a number.” I said as I shook my head and reached for my phone, starting to dial the numbers on my phone. Momentarily, I glanced over at my sister who sat with her mouth wide opened. . The butterflies in my stomach were going wild as I listened to the ringing in my ear. . Once. . Twice. . Three times. . And before the fourth ring had the chance to come through, there was the sound of another woman’s voice. . “Hello..?”

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