Jason Chapman — whilst pondering the creation of the universe

I think this dude should write a blog.

Not only is he a genius writer, but he also has a parrot.

“I love listening to the pitter patter sound of little feet running across my desk. The click of talons on wood is my morning songbird. :)” — Jason Chapman

That he loves dearly.

And on occasion (multiple times daily) he writes some genius shit. I’ve formed many of my opinions based on his. For example:

On the EpiPen…

“There is a certain level of stupid that we have to choose to be because this sort of stupid doesn’t occur in the wild or by nature…

Saying that this is the result of free market capitalism is like saying you don’t like cats because they bark too much. We don’t get to just make stuff up and we can’t use magical thinking to bait and switch words in order to make them mean whatever we want them to…that’s not how words work.

Let’s start with the facts; EpiPen is a government protected product manufactured by a company run by a senator’s grossly unqualified daughter and guarded by the FDA who places everything in a protective bubble of guaranteed subsidies paid for with taxpayer money by the federal government who creates a customer base through exclusive contracts with other federal government entities, such as the Department of Education.

At which point along that line could anything be remotely construed as free market capitalism? Where’s the competition? Where’s the voluntarism? Who is paying the difference between cost to make and price to sell? The answer: government, government, government. It’s all government all the way; government protects the product, government outlaws the competition, and government pays the bill. If you call that “free market capitalism” then I want to hear about your barking cat too.

This is the type of runaway inflation that always and only comes from being untethered from any market force and freed from all competition and protected from adverse risk and consequences. This is the result of government cartels, not capitalism; nationalization, not the free market.

We can choose to not call it what it is all we want but the facts stand.”

Or this:

“If you could go back in time would you visit Beethoven?”

Me: No.

“Why not?”

Me: Because it would be stupid to waste a perfectly good time travel on someone who can’t hear me and doesn’t speak English.

I’m just sayin…he says he can’t create a blog, and to me, that seems ludicrous. I did this in 10 minutes. He says it costs money, yet here I am signed up on Medium for free.

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