Is being Overwhelmed part of the Human Condition?

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The human condition is viewed as both the positive and negative sides of existing as a human being. It contains the inevitable events in life such as birth, growing up, death, love and reproduction. Could we argue that overwhelm is also part of the inevitable?

Everyone gets Overwhelmed

We all get overwhelmed at some point in our lives. Some people exist in a perpetual state of overwhelm, whilst others drift in and out of it. Overwhelm appears on the scene when we feel as if we can’t cope with everything. It’s not just a long to do list; many people have huge lists and aren’t overwhelmed. It’s how we feel about everything that’s at play here.

What can you do?

If pressure is coming at you from several directions at once then it’s easy to take everything on and not give yourself any room to relax. It’s often this inability to relax that spirals you down to the last of your reserves. If I can give you just one tip on how to deal with overwhelm it is this:

Learn Self Care

Make room for yourself, don’t give away all your time to others, or to the demands you place upon yourself. In order to deal with life you need to fill up your battery from time to time. No-one can run on empty. Find the things that recharge your battery, a walk in the countryside, a good book, a peaceful evening, whatever works for you. After all, if you don’t look after yourself, how can you look after anything else?

State of Mind

Overwhelm is really only a state of mind. I say this as if that makes it easy to deal with! It’s not always. The further into overwhelm you get, the more difficult it is to climb back out, but it is always possible.

This is why I think that overwhelm is not part of the human condition. You can do something to avoid it (unlike birth and death). I can hear some of you saying that you know people who have avoided growing up, but they are ageing, which may be more accurate. Things that people accept as part of the human condition are, by default, inevitable, none of them are a state of mind that can be changed.

If you’re still unsure, try out the 5 exercises I offer for free. If you feel different after doing just one of them, then you know you can change your state of mind and have a positive effect on overwhelm.

Are you suffering from overwhelm and struggling to see a way out, then contact me to arrange a strategy session to start the path to recovering your joy.

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