Tips for Traveling with Your Dog

By: Jen Dalton / TUK9 Boston

Throughout the years, Jesse and I have traveled the US and Canada with multiple dogs. They come with us on vacation and they also lead us on many adventures to dog sport events and modeling/acting gigs. Although some people are nervous to take there pets with them on trips, there are many hotels and attractions that are now dog friendly! And a well trained dog is always a fun travel companion!

With the holidays and all of the canine sports World Championships coming up, it seemed like the perfect time to pass along some tips for traveling with your best four legged friend.

One of the more important things that we learned many years ago, is to never make a change to food, supplements, or treats for at least one week before you leave for your trip! This is going to keep your dogs tummy feeling good and will save you time from cleaning the car or crate.

If your dog is uneasy in the car, we always suggest them traveling in a crate. We also use a great product called Composure, by VetriScience. This is an herbal based product that is great for dogs who may have a fear of riding in the car or even during thunderstorms. We ALWAYS travel with extra!

Traveling with you dog in a crate is also great for safety. If you were to ever get into an accident while driving, this is a great way to keep your dog contained and safe. There are all too many stories of dogs who take of after being involved in a car accident. These dogs are usually very scared and could be injured. There are several strong crates out there, that are impact tested, at The Upbeat K9, we use a crate company called Rough Tough Kennels.

Here are a list of items we will typically travel with:





-Poop Bogs

-Blankets (Extra if you are traveling during the cooler months)

-Leash and Collar

-Dog First Aid Kit

-Toys or something to keep your pup occupied during the trip

-Vet Records (At least rabies records)

-Pet Safe cleaning supplies (Natures Miracle)

-An emergency contact form (Just incase something were to happen, authorities would know who to contact)


-Blanket or Sheet for hotel bed or a Dog bed for those who sleep out of a crate

-Dog Shampoo and Towel

-Sheets or a tarp for under crate(s) and to go between crate(s) and the wall.

As always, common courtesy and dog manners are important at hotels, rest stops, family members houses, etc., so don’t forget to watch and pick up after your dog (s).