Stories of an Urban wolf.

Hi! My name is Thom. and I’m going to use this blog to get really deep with my toughts and things I experience. my head is full and I always lose my pen. this is why I chose the internet. including the fact that it’s annonimous to!

That’s right, I will never use a real name of a real person in my real life. now go ahead and question the authenticity of the name I just told you, but does it really matter?

the following stories will sometimes be fictional short stories and sometimes scribbles and events happening in and around my life. today I decided that I love to write so this is the day I will start writing. Call it what you want, follow if you love it and ignore it if you don’t like it, But know that every word in this blog is from the heart.

‘’I’m an analog guy in a digital world’’ and like to call myself an urban wolf

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