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How to Market highly effective on Social MEDIA #MUSTREAD if you are curious about how to kill it !

February 22, 2016

Ill show you how to kill it and tell you some great strategies not even Gary V. is using .. that wasn’t a low blow but im stating the obvious .


i’ll break it down 1by


The more you tweet the more common you appear

Find a way to say more but in less words

Come up with your signature #

If you’re gonna tweet make sure you have a LINK /#/Emojii/ Picture

GIVEAWAYS #example #RT if you want to win prize x , but first you have to like y page ..

Give shoutouts to gain more followers and vice versa

Video is king with twitter ads

make sure your CTA is working and links to your website


Signature #

the more pictures you have the more common you look

Video is king , people will watch 15secs of video before they go through your pictures

Have a themed account and business or personal account , the purpose of the themed is to be a funnel to whatever page you’re looking to gain exposure to

Give away/Paid. shoutouts. you can find a way to monetize IG do it cause IG is not going anywhere tbh

Dont be the person to blowup Ig with 10 pictures everyday . if youre going to post make sure its 3–4 times a day at

dont be the hashtag crazy guy . instead write your caption first then post your hashtags in the comments !

Use a signature emoji in your bio / use emoji in your post

IG ADS are a big win !


Video is king here !

If you post a youtube video minus well delete that and post the on FB’s platform you get to track the insights plus the views people will share your post more cause its meant for FB

Facebook ADS are the best i’ve seen so far you cant beat it with a baseball bat , make sure you know your targets

Make a facebook page and use your signature # & emoji it brings that uniqueness

Dont be the guy on facebook spreading negative vibes

Dont be the guy telling people to share/ like your video it will come naturally


Dont be the guy/girl with a long. a** story !

The less you post on snapchat the cooler you seem tbh the reason i say that is people will want to check on you more often. For instance i posted a new blog on my website then i made a snap telling people to check it out , then i dissapeared on #SC for 24hours, my visitors skyrocketed boosting sales as well , people thought i died .. i guess

Dont be the guy lip singing while making a snap

use the funny. filters to entertain quick hint dont blow snapchat up with all of them i know its funny but sheesh do us a favor

less is always more !

i hope you can apply these in your arsenal ! lets crush 2016

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Michael Morris

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