Who are we? Our trade, what we’re about, and our team.

We are VAAN a forward-thinking, design-driven, and client-loving digital agency. A small team with big visions, The Vaan Group crafts sparkling Shopify experiences for standout brands We help online retailers increase conversion rates through UX driven design processes and proven digital marketing tactics. Our current ecommerce clients collectively capture $460 million a year in retail sales — and growing. Shopify Partner Studio participants.

In addition to our design agency, we manage and operate a boutique coworking space, Workspace Williamsburg, in one of the most happening neighborhoods in New York.

Basically, we’re pure millennials. Our trade is web design, we dabble in the sharing economy through our coworking space, and we’re based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. In this blog, we’ll talk about all of the above — anything in our fields that we find interesting and worth sharing.

The Team:

Chuong — I’m a cofounder of the Vaan Group. And I was originally a premed student but later became a designer and entrepreneur. I was initially drawn to the branding facet of design because I’ve always been interested in the ways in which consumers interact with products.

Xavier — I’m also a cofounder of the Vaan Group. Like Chuong, my background lies in science and more specifically chemistry. In 2010, I was awarded a scholarship by the American Chemical Society that allowed me to conduct experimental research in Germany. I have transitioned into design, but I remain connected to the science world through my position as Creative Director and Lead Marketer at BioData Medical Laboratories and Radiology.

Olly — I’m an intern at the Vaan Group, and I graduated from Millbrook, a boarding school in upstate New York, earlier this spring. I’m currently taking a gap year to get some work experience and travel the world before heading off to college. My interests lie in graphic design, economics, and entrepreneurship. And I also manage this blog!

Connor — I specialize in UX and graphic design. I’ve always been interested in art and started my first business in high school designing and painting custom Nike dunks. When I went to college though, I decided to study business, thinking it would be a more practical career. After graduating and taking some time to think about what I wanted to do next, I looked back into design. I attended a few meetups, did some reading, and ultimately decided this was for me.

Illarion — I’m our Shopify specialist/developer!

Gretchen — I’m our digital marketing analyst!