Community Profile: joined the Workspace Williamsburg community this past January, and on Friday, July 29, we sat down with CEO, Kareem Rahma, to learn about what is and their Williamsburg coworking experience. is an internet TV platform structured with different channels created by the Nameless team and also by the users. I asked Rahma to compare to one other website and gave him my own choice for comparison, which was Pandora. He acknowledged the similarities between Pandora and, saying Nameless is like a Pandora for video. But he was also quick to point out that Pandora is algorithm based, and’s content is hand-picked by humans. His own choice for most similar to Nameless was, something I had never heard of. It was a music website, popular for a short period of time in 2011, and it allowed users called DJ’s to start a room and play music that other users could join and listen to.

In the past, has been described as Reddit meets Twitter meets television. One of its defining characteristics is that you’re never watching alone; you’re part of the same experience as everyone on the channel you’re watching. Rahma strays from too tightly defining, though, because it’s a lot of different things on a lot of different platforms. “Our goal is to be constantly changing, constantly experimenting with new ways of delivering video content.”.

This theme of not overly defining themselves feeds into’s entire creative process. The website is currently in Beta version, and Rahma says he wants to stay in Beta forever. When I asked why, he told me that it allows them to constantly transform It gives his team an extra degree of freedom. Recently, for example, they built a Facebook Messenger chatbot just for fun; it allows viewers to connect with in a new way. Hit them up for some lit videos, and the AI-based assistant will respond back with two or three videos just for you

Rahma originally came up with the idea for when his brother was living overseas. They would send videos between each other and chat and text while watching them, but he realized there was no platform already out there for them to do this seamlessly. At the same time, in his professional life, he realized that there were tons of videos on the internet but few ways for people to discover them. About a year ago, in May 2015, Kareem and all of his collaborators quit their jobs to start, Nameless’s predecessor. was an online TV platform based on location, so users could go onto the website and see what people were watching in Paris, San Francisco, and other cities. But they pivoted to their current form of because “what we found was basically that the audience doesn’t care where their content comes from.”

When asked about his experience in a coworking space in Brooklyn, Rahma said that he prefers coworking spaces because there’s none of the trouble of having to pay all the office bills. Workspace Williamsburg is’s second coworking space. And on Brooklyn, Rahma noted that it’s a big part of their company. Five out of the six people on his team live in Brooklyn, and he believes it’s a great place to start a business because it’s such a hot, thriving spot.

What does the future hold in store for “We want to be the video discovery engine for the entire internet,” said Rahma. Currently, users watch over 3 million minutes of video on per month. And users’ average time on the website is about 12 minutes, which is 10 times the average engagement for a website.