La Fiesta

Location : 240 Villa St, Mountain View, CA 94041 
Meal : Dinner

Cuisine : Mexican

The Restaurant, Amibence, Chivichanga

Wait Time : I walked in early on a rainy Friday evening — 630 pm, no wait time and it wasn’t crowded. I called to make a reservation — but I was told that they don’t take reservations.

Ambience : Dim lit, quiet and cozy place. Gives you the ‘Mexican’ place vibe perfectly, including the music and the colors!

What I Ate : Vegetarian Chivichanga

What I Thought : While you look at the menu, they serve chips and three kinds of salsa. Like bread in Italian restaurants, its chips in Mexican. After having the bowl of hot, amazing chips, I did not need an appetizer. I ordered the Vegetarian Chivichanga. We were two of us and we were advised to order one Entree each. Being light eaters, we asked for just one. Being light crispy on the outside, filled with rice — It felt like having an Indian Samosa but with rice along with other vegetables. Topped with sour cream, guacamole and a tomato. The beans were damn tasty. And the guac : I did not want to share it!! The Chivichanga was fantastic and I loved every bite of it! There was not a single moment when I reconsidered my choice of having the Chivichanga (Was really tempted to have their Chile Relleno, who doesn’t love Chile and Cheese!!)

What I Suggest : I Loved the Chivichanga! The place is not on Castro Street — its a bit off and you will not think about finding a restaurant right in the middle of this residential area. But, just as the location will surprise you, the food will as well! If you’re looking for a quiet place, away from all the traffic and the very happening Castro St, and some amazing Mexican food — La Fiesta will definitely be my choice!

What Else : I had a really tasty dinner for 15$. There were a lot of vegetarian options to my surprise.They had a great selection of margaritas as well! The crispy Chivichanga was exactly what I wanted to eat on a rainy evening!

When I eat this again — I don’t think I’ll share. :)