Location : 140 University Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94301
Meal : Lunch 
Cuisine : Greek

Location, Flaming Cheese, Pita Sandwich

What I Started with : Flaming Cheese (or) Saganaki

What I Thought : I was being safe when I ordered the Flaming Cheese. I thought to myself — Cheese in any form can’t be bad, right? They brought the Kasseri cheese (I didn’t know that kind of cheese) to my table, and burnt it in front of me! There was actual flame on the cheese. Which then settles, and forms the Flaming Cheese! Served with a side of warm Pita Bread. The taste was pretty pretttyy amazing. Grilled cheese is an obvious favorite for me. So, hot cheese with a lot of flavor was definitely going to my list of Comfort Food!

My Entree : Vegetarian Pita Sandwich, no mushrooms. With a side of rice pilaf.

What I Thought : Before I say anything, look at the picture of the Pita Sandwich. Can something that looks like that, taste bad? It was just as yummaxx as it looks! I was apprehensive when I asked for the sandwich, I wasn’t sure if it would be easy for me to bite — I do not like food that’re hard/tough to bite! But to my surprise, it was really soft. With grilled Zucchini, onions and bell peppers, topped with tomatoes and Tzatziki sauce, the pita sandwich was a delight! The side of rice pilaf was great. I had it with Tzatziki sauce as well, because their Tzatziki is aawweessommeesauce!!

Go or No? Go!! Definitely. Opa is there in many locations around the Bay Area. Would definitely suggest you give atleaaaast one of these a try!

What Else? They have quite a few Vegetarian options to pick from. But some of them with mushrooms. I anyway mention ‘no meat, no mushrooms’ at the end of every order I make. Its right by a garage, easy parking as well. You don’t need more reasons to visit a restaurant, right?


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