Budget cuts trigger imagination and creativity- STOP COMPLAINING

I am so tired of hearing my fellow event managers complaining about corporate budget cuts.

I saw this conversation on Linkedin recently

Someone asked: “What is the most challenging factor for event managers in 2017? “

Most peopled answered:“ Low Budgets and budget cuts”

I was thinking to myself…really? What about safety, social cohesion, new technology, social media, life streaming, marketing…

For me event managers or venue finders who complain about budget cuts are just…NOT CREATIVE ENOUGH AND NOT RESOURCEFUL ENOUGH.

Try doing event management for charities just like I have done for over 20 years (yes since I was a little girl). When budgets are extremely low but the attendees are very demanding- mostly children!

We often had very small or no budgets and we had to work with what was available to us. You might say this is different because corporate events require something special but…I am saying all events could be special and we could make people remember it and use things which are free or cost a little .


Think outside the box and look to the nature. . I always take so much inspiration from the nature. I was organising a Halloween event for a charity. We did a ball for children and there was NO BUDGET for decorations. So we went to the forest and collected broken swirly brunches of various trees. We also picked up dry leaves and dark green moss. . We then painted everything with a silver spray. We added a lot of candles and…IT WAS SPECTACULAR.


Try to use colourful bulbs. Seriously…red, blue, green…You don’t have to hire expensive lighting. We recently brought a few tall lamps (IKEA is great for it) to the event room and used colourful red bowls to create a Parisian effect of the room we were decorating. On the second event we hang bulbs from the sealing- it was fabulous ( just as photo below). Looked stunning and did not cost a lot.


Be smarty with the menu. Your starter does not have to be as rich as you imagine. Choose a good tasting soup or a simple salad. WHAT YOU HAVE TO WOW YOUR GUESTS WITH IS THE MAIN COURSE. The same with dessert — something simple and tasty is good enough. Concentrate on the main course and save on the full dinner, while still offering a full course menu.


Use venue finders to negotiate good options and use their expertise and connections to get you new ideas and the best deals possible. It does not cost you anything. (Get in touch if you need this).

New destinations:

My friends who live in London spend every weekend in another European destination because it is cheaper than to go out in London. You can fly to Prague, Lisbon or Warsaw for 20 pounds return at times. Why are you afraid to go abroad for your event? It would cost you less than a train ticket or a bus hire. Be smart, look at various options and special offers when it comes to flights. Contact venue finders who will have information about great European regions. If your group is large enough, many convention bureaus offer financial supports to the organiser brining international event to their city. (If you need that advice, let me know).

Good team:

Once again good team of people who are working well together. Team that is focused on making all attendees feel special and welcomed.Making people feel good and welcomed during your event works better than any expensive entertainment.

There are many more components or ideas which my team has. These are just a couple of examples. Do think about budget cuts as an excititng possibility to use your imagination and creativity. Get in touch if you would like to hear more.

In the words of Albert Einstein:

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