Cooler, closer or cleaner- Which one are you?

If you have not heard of a book called “Relentless: From Good to Great to Unstoppable “ By Tim Grover you have not lived. At least you have not been awaken like I have.

Indian emigrant to the United States, his father was originally a university professor back in India but due to the lack of the translation of his credits he had to take a job that was beneath his qualifications to say the least. He used to take his 4 year old son to work with him and he used to say to him something like this : There are times in your life you have to do stuff you do not want to do , but you always have to fight and provide for your family.

For any emigrant who has ever moved to another country and was not treated with respect he or she truly deserved, that is a familiar feeling.

But that experience has thought Tim to be stronger and to do whatever he can to succeed and make his dreams come true. He decided he will train top athletes and enhance their performance. As you can imagine people laughed at him but he did just that and worked with legends and icons including Michael Jordan, along with six other NBA athletes and many others.

He later produced a book called “Relentless: From Good to Great to Unstoppable” and in his book he describes and distinguishes between 3 types of people.

Which one are you?


A person that you give a job to, and you will get the desired result. You will not get anything above that or extraordinary. The desired result will be satisfactory, and in the borders of what you asked for. You are not going to get anything exceptional.


Closer is a level above cooler. Closers are people that you can give a task to do and they will deliver great results back . They will deliver it the majority of the time, as long as n0t too many variables are thrown at them.


This is a whole new level, a “ I do not think” person. They are so well prepared, they do not think and just do. They spend hours and hours of time (years actually) of getting prepared, that no matter what is thrown at them they are going to deliver that end result at all times, over and over and over again. They will be exceptional at it. Their instincts are so dead on, that no mater what variable, what problem is thrown at them, they can adjust on the fly and have the ability to get themselves in the “zone”.

Now….Which one are you?

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