Documenting not creating : Gary Vaynerchuk

So I am a big fan of Gary Vaynerchuk !!!

As a self made entrepreneur (still self making myself and my businesses) I struggled in finding a mentor I could trust , but I realised there are a lot of great people online who are willing to share their knowledge with the world- if we are just willing to listen. So I decided to listen to Gary .

As an entrepreneur, building, learning, progressing, hustling; I go through periods of intense happiness to periods of intense sadness. I need inspiration and good advice of how to overcome this and so I find Gary and his articles, videos, podcasts very helpful.

I related to Gary and his personal journey a lot: I was (I still am) a young immigrant (from Eastern Europe) . My family moved to an English speaking country (in my case the evergreen and wonderful Ireland) . Hence, I choose to follow Gary :)

I still think his best keynote to date was this one:

I read a lot of books and follow others too, but Gary is my number 1 mentor- although he does not know about it yet! :)

But if we make it big , I would like Gary V to know that he played a big part in helping me every day.

It took me a long time to even build some following on social media- but now that I do have it (and it truly is engaging and supportive) , people told me they want to listen and follow my story.

So I am taking Gary’s advice to heart and will start documenting my journey ... it’s 2 years in anyway, but only now I am starting to go deep with the technical and IT side of things. I will share my thoughts, my lessons, my ideas and my journey with you. I will share the good and the bad. I will also be recording smaller video and clips- you will be able to see how my life looks like in the BEST OF MOMENTS but also in the worst of moments…lessons learnt, mistakes, new ideas.

Hopefully , just like Gary, in the near future I will inspire others and help them overcome adversity , while helping myself by writing and saying things out loud. I do have an interesting story to share , I do have some value to give so…let’s do this thing!

DAY 1: