From modelling to entrepreneur

Most people think that models have an easy life. Nothing can be further from the truth . It’s a constant battle.

You have to look good, exercise , eat clean , take care of your skin and hair ect…Every working woman knows it takes time . It really does and sometimes it’s just exhausting .

On top of that , you must have a strong mental attitude. You are faced with rejection on constant basis . That’s just the part of the job. It’s nothing personal.

You have to be disciplined and constantly on alert to protect yourself from people who might want to take advantage of you.

Finally you have to be competitive .

I have learned more about sales and presentation from modelling than during the business classes in college .

Selling skills

A model must sell herself. In other words , you have to be really good at presenting yourself in such a way that you get the job. You are the product that a modelling agency , a photographer, a company wants to buy or hire . You are selling yourself, your face and personality .

There are so many pretty girls out there but you have to present your best qualities in such a way that the people are drawn to you and convinced that you will be the right person to market their product .

Evoking an emotional response

You become an actress.

So I’m lying on those uncomfortable rocks (looking like I am loving it when in fact it’s killing me ) to show off that bikini. You need to create an emotional response to the photo. A desire for other people to purchase that product or at least to like it. Isn’t that what they teach you in the sales seminars ? Create an emotional response to the product or service ?


I always treated modelling like a great hobby and an extra work during college . I studied full time . I always knew I wanted to go into entepreneurship. I just didn’t know how to start, even though I have been quiet entrepreneurlial all my life. I organised various events in school.

I even had a small business when I was 7 years old. I organised a group of local children and under a careful observation of my mother we made and sold Christmas decorations . We gave the money to a local charity , which provided other children with Christmas gifts. I just never realised that these things also make you an entrepreneur . And they really do.

But coming back to starting my company last year ... I never thought that the lessons learnt in modelling, will actually help me in the business world. A world somehow dominated by men.

Work discipline

First of all I work very hard. I learnt that from modelling. I don’t think I’m better than anyone else, but I will be the first to say that I might work harder than a lot of people . As a model I used to sell myself . That sounds a bit off but you get the idea…It’s the same now: my company is me. I created the image behind my company .

When people look at the services I offer, I want them to feel a certain way. When people work with me me I want them to know that all will be handled in the best way possible. I will be fully committed to their event and I will get the best venue for the best price . That’s just the person I am. I love helping others and when I do , I make sure they benefit from it. I provide a service which is beneficial to my clients and I want to do it in the best way I can. We are currently working on this platform with a tech team based in Dublin.

So what I do now

I find the most unique hotels and venues , establish a close relationship with them. When a client is looking for an ideal venue , we show him/her the most appropriate options matching his/her requirements . I wanted to go a step further . I wanted to build a platform where we feature the hotels we work with. We showcase exactly what they have ( including the meeting space , facilities , restaurants) in a clear and focused way. It’s all to make our client’s life easier .

One lady with whom I had a pleasure to work with, is a marketing and sales director for a big multinational company based in UK . She told me that the event management is approx 15% of her job tasks, but it could take over 50% of her time. I want to help people like her.

To conclude

Modelling really was the life experience I needed . Believe me, it’s a very hard and competitive world. You have to have a thick skin. Btw…I know how to look good in photos. I learnt the tricks and I gladly share with anybody during the business events I attend. That’s another advantage

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