The Heart is more important than Talent: Elon Musk

This will be short . Learn from my mistakes …basically whatever Elon Musk says about business (if he bothers to say it at all) is true 99.99% of the time ….

But anyway…when you grow a company you tend to think that a talent of a person you are about to work with, is the most important thing you should be looking at. You search for super talented individuals but talent is nothing without the right personality and a good heart.

Easier said than done? KEEP ON READING….

I did not want to judge people and I felt guilty every time, and then it came back to bite me almost every time :)

I am long passed this now thankfully. I cannot stress this enough- time after time I allowed my intuition to FADE AWAY, and based my assumptions only on people’s talents.

This is a very short term solution — a lot of people are talented and a lot of people can carry out tasks or services for you but THEIR HEART is what makes them truly unique and stand out!

I am not just talking about a good heart here in a sense of simply being kind to others. I am referring to loyalty, having a strong heart and desire to continue, to endure to make things happen, to follow you and your vision, to embrace your mission etc. If you are as passionate about your industry as I am about mine, you will understand this instantly.

How can I work with people who do not share my vision, who do not work as hard as me and always have excuses? And even if they are talented…so what? They do not fit in with my company’s culture, values and most importantly my personal values.

So a note for you (and for me) : talent is not all.

Being talented , offering a good service is important but sharing your vision and having a good heart- that is CRUCIAL for a success of any venture.