Maria Sklodowska-Curie and innovation

“Hi , my name is Pauline. I am from Poland but living in Ireland since the age of 16. I am a self made entrepreneur and this is my story”


Today was a great day- I helped a client with a strategy to get more clients for his restaurant by using social media….well that will be a result of the campaign I designed. But we are feeling great about it!

TOP TIP if you also want to use social media to your advantage: if you want your clients to do something (leave a review, add a photo, share a post, write feedback ) about your business, hotel or restaurant JUST ASK THEM — but you have to do it there and then!!! Once a client is out of your place- chances are he /she is busy with her life and is now at home ordering a pair of jeans (right now ) and writing a feedback on that experience online . SO YOU GOT TO MOVE IN THERE AN THEN to get their attention.



We need to embrace innovation in order to keep up with the world- we need to do this right now.

Never before have we faced the client who not only has a very short attention spam but also has access to information and a wide choice of services for comparisons- INSTANTLY!

The client that has grown up with smart phones and access to information 24/7 . The client who cares about what happens in the world, and is aware of how humanity can suffer if we continue to look the other way. The client that wants to embrace technology and wants to share their opinion. The client who wants their voice to be heard.

Modern DMCs, restaurants, hotels, travel agents crucially need to embrace modern technology and modern resources.


Now back to Maria Sklodowska-Curie

At times I feel like her. A polish female immigrant, trying to innovate in another country. She is a huge role model to me.

Did you know over her 40 year long career, Maria was exposed to around 200 sieverts? Sievert is a unit of radiation absorption but that amount is around 600 million higher than an average person is allowed to be exposed to.

Maria knew that and still continued… She suffered many severe burns, especially of her hands and fingers during the 8 years of her experiments to extract radium. Her right hand was damaged so badly, that she lost the ability to hold a pen and write with it. Can you even comprehend this?

When she was invited to a reception to the Royal Institution in London after successfully isolating radium, she was unable to fasten her dress because of the pain in her fingers. But was she ever afraid? NO!!!

Do not be afraid of innovation and progress: at times hardships and sacrifice is needed, but without it you will not progress.

Myself embracing new technologies for travel and events industry

Big Thanks to Kaiya Mizuno & Naoki Naganuma for their great book that inspires me, full of wonderful stories and facts (including that of Maria Sklodowska Curie) called “Life works itself out- and then you nap”

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