Storytelling as crucial competent of event management

Rainy summer evening…an older polish man opens up his computer and orders the “English for beginners” start up pack via the internet with Allegro. He receives it and starts to learn by himself. Soon, he talks to himself in english . He repeats sentences in his home and in all public places such as : ”You are perfect” or “I love you“ to the amusement of other people.

He event creates colourful paper stickers with english words and sticks them onto everything and anything possible, even on his dog. He seems to be quite taken with the whole thing and appears like a very meticulous student.

Winter comes and he also orders a suitcase. He packs. He flies over to England and takes a cab. He reaches his final destination…a small home in an english town. The doors are being opened by his son who hugs his father tenderly. The son lives with his partner, an english woman whom he met during his immigration and soon a little baby of mixed race appears in the doorway. The baby walks slowly towards the older man and the moment of truth is revealed : The older man finally speaks up in his perfect english accent:

“Hi. I am your grandfather”

This add for Allegro, has been named the Best Christmas add 2017 in the world and it was produced in Poland. The technique of storytelling was used. This technique has been used by many brands, more recently Coca-Cola or Pepsi but also Nike or Expedia. We do not longer want to sell the stuff or concentrate our add on the product. We want to show the people (or the stories) behind the product. We want to show the personal stories of real people who are using the product.

I can not escape the feeling that the very same should be happening with event management.

I spoke to my clients (especially corporates) recently about this.What is the purpose of your event? Sales event” ?

The answer is more or less like this: To connect to our potential clients, to say thank you to our existing clients. To communicate a message. To share news and events. To celebrate our brand”

That is all very good but as I have written previously, events are part of marketing and sales efforts. Why are businesses and companies organisisng external events? To connect people with their brand.

And when it comes to brand identity events can help to establish it or strengthen the message behind the brand. And for that the storytelling technique is crucial.

What story does your business want to share or present? How would you connect with your attendees. People are smart…offering a modern venue, cool light and good drinks is not enough. There should be a certain atmosphere . Your attendees should be a part of a story and remember your event for months to come.

Would you really like to create an impact? Use storytelling.

Design your event around a story or a few stories. Use imagination and creativity. DO NOT BE BORING! Use what you have at hand such as light, decorations, music, venue , food or even your choice of destination, to help you to create a story behind your brand .

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