Terrorism vs my job in travel

I was not shocked to discover recently that the security at many European airports is being strengthened .

The official US security agency has also warned US citizens on their website , that Europe is becoming a risky place to travel and perhaps they should rethink their travelling plans .

France was mentioned as one of the high risk countries next to Nigeria and Tunisia .

We all know what has happened in Ankara and Brussels recently…

I visit European cities and hotels for work

Like many professionals in my industry (business travel and events) I travel every 2-3 weeks all over Europe . I conduct international site inspections and get invited to regional familiarisation trips to get to know a specific city and region.

While on such trips I get to know the suppliers providing services in that area. I establish close relationships with them and many have become my friends

Flying to Brussels

I have been on events in Brussels a couple of times last year and I am actually flying there again soon.

Many people have asked me if I am scared ? No , I am not. We have friends based in that region who work in tourism and travel every day and we want to support them and their work .

Life goes on and the show must go on. There was a similar situation with the Paris attacks and we have stood strongly with our colleagues from Parisian hotels and other suppliers who were not only devastated by the tragedy but also loosing their incoming business for Paris.

Travel industry professionals must stand together

In fact, events such as those from Paris , Brussels or Ankara could affect any of our cities in Europe. The world is not short of maniacs who try to crush down our spirit and popularise the fear .

As travel professionals we will continue to do our job. Tourism is often the main source of income for many regions and people (especially where heavy industry is not present)

Tourism industry has a true power

It has the power to economically transform the regions and provide many people with jobs, education and the better future . We cannot easily forget about it.

Remember when Greece was in huge economic crisis? What was the message they were sending to the international community ? Come to Greece , spend your money here, continue to travel as this actions fuel our economy .

We are one community after all

Put all differences aside , be kind to one another . In my industry we work with people all around the world and we can put our differences aside. It actually excites us. We will continue to promote our destinations , regions and countries because as the old proverb says “Travel as much as you can… Life is not meant to be lived in one place”

( This post is dedicated to our hotel suppliers from Brussels , Paris and Ankara)


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