What “luxury service” really means


Many people have been asking me how can I judge a luxury or 5 star service and experience for my guests.

I have been looking after upscale groups and clients, who like to book 5 star and 4 star properties for their stays, tours and events all over Europe. A lot of the guests also like to include mouthwatering dining experiences, elegant shopping or golf in their schedules.

I always want to take care of my guests and provide the highest level of service and experiences for them. (Life is too short to waste it on bad travel experiences.) However, many times it does not solely depend on me. I work with properties and various suppliers. I have to trust that the level of service provided will be the highest. For that purpose, I first establish close relationships with my partners and visit their properties to conduct site inspections and make sure everything is in order.

By now it is fair to say that I have visited hundreds of hotels , restaurants, shopping parlours, golf courses, resorts, villas…the list goes on. And do you know what I have noticed? Each time I travel with a group or I am a part of one, I observe people’s emotions and reactions. There are a few rules that make people feel great and really enjoy the experience. There are certain “things” that make the service and the whole experience “luxurious”, “upscale” or truly “top class”. However, one thing is of the utmost importance.

The people

The number one rule of providing a first class experience and luxurious service is to simply: care about the people. To have passion about what you do. We are in the business of looking after people. Many mistake it with serving and grow cold on the thought of serving someone. But I always think about it as carying and making sure a person visiting us is having the best time and experience possible. I am simply looking after people .

We must make sure that our guests feel great, at all times. This is the core of the luxurious service. Imagine that the guests arriving to your restaurant or hotel are your family members… Now, wouldn’t you like to make sure they feel happy or that they have enough water to drink at all times? They are aware of the menu and you are aware of their dining preferences? Wouldn't you go that extra mile? Offer your smile and warmness every time you talk to them?

You may say this is not professional. The guests in your hotel are not your family members and you cannot be so frank with them. It is not about being frank, it’s about being professional, you are right about that. But remember…when the tittles are off, and people are travelling on business or pleasure, they want to rest, eat, drink and enjoy. We are human after all. We all want the same. We are affectionate human beings that need company and carrying of others to survive. Yes, the elegant light, the designer furniture, the Michelin star cuisine, fantastic wine…that is all very important but…It is the people who take care of you during your experience, that have the true power to make it really special.


In the business of hospitality, we often forget about this. Hotels compete with designer refurbishments, latest technology, coolest lights, largest swimming pools…Yet, what they should first and foremost invest in, is the training of their staff and hiring the right people. The people who are in love with this business. I truly believe you must love people to exceed in the hospitality business…no matter if it is a 3 star 4 star or 5 star hotel. But since we are talking about luxury service this all starts with love. Loving your clients, truly caring. If you do, you will never go wrong.

People remember how you made them feel

People will forget what they saw. People will forget what you told them. People will forget what they read. But they will never forget how you made them feel. So focus on making people feel good- always. This is how your provide a truly luxurious or first class service.

If you would like me to take care of you :)