Why Tokens are Eating the World
Vinny Lingham

You say you can’t see why CVC is related to greater crypto value. At the same time you realise that if assets become tokenised, each token represents 1 of something that you can get in the real world, 1 hamburger, 1g of gold, 1 share, etc. Those tokenised assets will depend on different market forces than the crypto trading world.

I haven’t read the Civic whitepaper, so I don’t know what 1CVC represents in the real world, 1 click, 1 account verification, 1 unlock? I’m guessing Civic services will be paid with an amount of CVC determined by market forces, therefore I predict you CVC token value will highly likely depend on the supply and demand of people who use it – if those are us, blockchain enthusiasts, CVC price will correlate to BTC, ETH, otherwise, if your users are let’s mostly world pedestrians, it might move with the dollar.

I commented because I think you had an error in thinking, as I said, I haven’t read the Civic whitepaper, so the error could be mine.

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