Does #NeverTrump Have a Plan B

#NeverTrump sure created a stir, did they not? They burned their ship to kill a rat, and now they will certainly drown. Congratulations on your Pyrrhic victory.

Does #NeverTrump have a Plan B? I doubt one is possible. It is not that I do not sympathize, for I do, and in fact, I have done the very same thing, even further, not less. When Charlie Crist ran as a Republican for governor of Florida, I voted against him because I knew he was not conservative enough for me. I reasoned, “This is state politics; therefore, what exact harm can a liberal governor do to me or my business against a solidly conservative state legislature? In fact, it will be easier to replace a liberal governor in four years with a conservative candidate than to unseat a neocon, sitting governor with a conservative.” After reasoning such, I cast my vote for the Democrat. Eventually, Crist proved me correct about his character, and it was a decision I did not regret. In that precise situation though, my calculated risk had no down side. #NeverTrump’s does.

I submit to #NeverTrump that your argument is much less inconsequential with far greater dangers. Unlike my Hobson’s Choice, yours is federal and incorporates the highest office in the land. While my potential governor could only affect my state, yours will affect all 50, and Hillary’s stated goals are much wider reaching than the Democrat for governor for whom I voted against Crist. I knew the liberal would never be able to pass gun control or affect abortion in my solidly red state, but you cannot profess the same thing about our cartilaginous Congress. It has never stopped Obama from one single action. Instead, Congress handed him victory after victory and assisted him in chipping away my ability to run my small business with four employees. Your choice is far more dark than mine ever was.

Every day that passes entrenches Obamacare further into posterity. Time is of the essence, so after four years of Hillary, maybe eight, we will no longer discuss repeal but will be forced to discuss new methods of permanent federal management of the healthcare system. Electing Hillary assures federal healthcare, and with her comes the new reality of eventual single payer because we all know it is her goal. Trump stated that he will repeal it, and while you argue whether or not he will keep his word, we know for a fact that Hillary will not repeal it.

We know Hillary will replace several Supreme Court justices. How many close decisions have we lost over the last eight years? It seems like every one has been against the conservative/limited government viewpoint; therefore, it is safe to say that once Hillary serves and leaves we will no longer even have a Supreme Court remotely willing to serve as a check and balance against a federal government unchained. Your argument is that Trump will probably appoint liberals as well, but you fail to understand that he at least gives a glimmer of hope. At the very least, he is no MORE liberal than Hillary; further, he published a list from which he stated that he would nominate justices. He gave advance notice about his appointments, a practice which is unheard of. You guarantee a loss with Hillary, yet you are unwilling to save some hope with her alternative?

We know that Hillary will continue to fund Planned Parenthood. You say that Trump implied or even stated that Planned Parenthood does valuable services. You would rather he said it was horrible and deserved to be shutdown. You are mad that he equivocated on this issue and still mad that he does not equivocate on others, so on the one hand, you are mad that he did while also mad that he did not. What can the man say at all that will please anyone? Trump’s statement, in fact, is empirically accurate though. Planned Parenthood dispenses birth control and performs other functions that are important besides abortion. We demand that our federal government stop funding it at all, and so does Trump. Who cares that he stated that they performed other important functions? As long as he advances its defunding, who cares?

We have a chance to put the nail in Hillary’s coffin. You can help swing the hammer and put her in it, or you can help her throw us in the coffin instead. Which would you rather do? What exactly is your Plan B? How exactly do you plan to repeal Obamacare, defund Planned Parenthood, maintain the Second Amendment, and save face in the world when your stated end-state certainly involves Hillary as President? I do not think you have thought this through very well.

Hillary plans to burn the very boat in which we live. She stands here with the torch in her very hand, but you refuse to open your eyes. While you concern yourself with Trump’s big mouth, you forget that Hillary has a long list of documented grievances against our nation, but Trump has never served in office. At worst he has an extremely big mouth and speaks without consideration of his listeners. So what? You excoriated Obama and his teleprompter for eight years until Trump came along, and somehow, now, the teleprompter looks great to you? You want a puppet with the world’s hand up her rear telling her exactly what to say and when?

Trump has no Trump Foundation with foreign donations traced back to the sale of our Uranium. Trump has never divulged top secret information due to personal indulgence. Trump has never had a hack that compromised national security. Trump has never sent anyone into a warzone for “diplomacy” and left them all to die. Trump has never ordered a foreign invasion that caused instability. Trump has never overthrown a secular dictator that gave rise to ISIS. Trump has never taken foreign donations, or even if he has, at least not in the inordinate quantity that Hillary accepted them. Trump has never victimized rape accusers and intimidated them to be silent. Trump has never used government assets for personal gain. Trump has never rigged an election in his favor.

#NeverTrump, you stand on “principle” but the principles result in an unprincipled action. To do nothing means to enact evil. To do nothing means hope is lost. While Trump is not the hope that many of us wanted — I personally would die for Rand Paul — he is the chosen instrument of millions of disaffected people who voted in the primary. Arguing to dump him is ridiculous; you may as well capitulate and not have a general election at all. Let the burglars come into your home and pillage at will because that is what you suggest. What is done is done. The principled stand is against Hillary, not against Trump.

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