End of America

Let us not mince words, ladies and gents. If you are among the many with faith in this American system, then you are with the brainwashed crowd. I have zero confidence that any semblance of control remains within this country, at least within the hands of the people, and yesterday, before the nation, my beliefs proved correct.

We have no control, as voters, people, or constituents. The elites of society fully control that which we formerly owned, and the COTUS does not protect us from tyranny at all. COTUS is a mirage in the desert that, once discovered, provides zero comfort, security, or protection. COTUS is a fading wisp of a forgotten time that represented what a country could be when wrested from the hands of tyranny.

As generations have come and gone, no reminders remain of what actually created our American experiment. No one remembers what tyranny is. Today, people equate tyranny only to people getting their brains blown out in the street as a result of political opposition, but back in 1776, tyranny was taxation without representation and being forced to do things which people did not want to do. By today’s standards, England of 1776 was not tyrannical by an stretch of imagination.

As our population has grown, elites have risen to the top, and as power consolidated within their positions, so did their control upon the land — and the people. Today, accountability cannot be found, and the two party system pits the just against the unjust. What trust can remain when the accusations of the just are mitigated and rationalized by the unjust in the name of politics? Accused of a crime? Call it a political conspiracy.

Let it not be said that powerful and rich people may be held accountable for anything. They can’t. Or won’t be. Sure, occasionally, one will be sacrificed for the rest, and we’ll put a Blagojovich in jail, simply to make us believe in justice again. In the meantime, Hillary and the ultra-powerful abscond with justice. And we were complicit.

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