If I were the MSM…

If I were the mainstream media (MSM), I would never half ass the job. I would make Woodward & Bernstein look like cream puffs under a tractor tire. I would not stop with public opinion, and I would not focus on ratings as much as I would information. I would pride myself in how much information I could discover on as many people as possible, and I would never stop until I reached some sort of conclusion.

During my time in the Marines, I conducted several investigations which we call JAGMANs. One thing I learned while doing these investigations is that facts alone reign supreme — they are the only things that matter. At the end of each JAGMAN, you gave a summary as well as a recommended course of action against the subject of the investigation, whom you might consider guilty or innocent based on facts discovered, but you did not determine guilt or innocence. The commanding officer considered the investigation and decided whether or not to convene judiciary proceedings, and so the process either continued or ended. Does MSM do a thorough job investigation anything?

If I were the MSM, I would not care who you were. I would ask you questions about every policy you proposed, then I would ask you questions about the questions. I would not stop until I could draw a factual picture of your opinions, and I would write it in the same format as a JAGMAN. I would leave it up to my readers to decide their own opinions, and if I did my job, not only would readers understand each candidate’s proposals, they would understand the program as it exists, the proposal as the candidate sees it, and the potential effects of the proposal’s impact on the existing program. Do you feel like MSM currently does this?

Part of the problem with our society is that so many government programs exist that relatively no one understands how each program works let alone how to create efficiency. Do you think candidates have some sort of keen insight into each and every program? I do not think they do, so when they offer a proposal, is an interrogation not required? If you wish to report on a particular stance, should the program not be described in detail as well as each problem with the program as it exists today? Would you not expect a report on both candidates to give his/her own answers to the exact same questions such that you, the reader, can ascertain some sort of level ground on which to judge the viewpoints? How can you make an informed decision on a candidate, when one reporter from one news source creates an opinion based report on one candidate’s point of view using one set of questions, when you can only compare it to a different reporter’s different opinion based report using different questions at a different point in time? It is impossible. If medical researchers conducted themselves this way, we would never find a cure for anything.

Why does the MSM not conduct themselves such that voters might decide in their own minds which way to vote? Why do ideologues even enter the profession of journalism when deep down they want to be activists? Would it not make sense for some of these opinion based writers to simply run for office instead of critiquing those who decided to run? The simple reality of the MSM as it exists today is that readers/viewers must piece together the most diverse mosaic ever created while at the same time balancing the real, daily responsibilities that we all bare. Not only must a voter decide who to trust, they must parse information as if sorting through a sand box looking for a lost ring only to find the tidbits of correct information to base their vote upon. Why bother?

Frankly, I personally cannot trust much of anything I read. The only choice is to embrace ideological information that coordinates with my own line of thinking: less government. Statistics prove nothing anymore in that each side culls information to prove two sides of the same coin, and since journalists do not actually sift through the data personally, voters have no proper way to vet statistical conclusions without becoming numbers professionals on their own. In order to cast my own vote, I rely upon written statements from each candidate, and I cast aside stories created to disparage them. What else can I do? But, if I were the MSM, I would change things….

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