3 Reasons Why Leaving The Print World Is Ultimately Best For Business

Photo: Pexels

Written by WEIV Editor, Kyle Harvey

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a dramatic shift in our principle media entities and the evolution of how we as consumers digest content.

Physical copies of traditional magazines, like Ebony, Essence, and even Complex, have been scaled back for a more streamlined approach of distributing videos directly to their readers. Unless your favorite outlet is blessed enough to print quarterly copies, financially, you’re not getting the most bang for your buck.

Teen Vogue, and its parent company, Condé Nast was the latest media entity to come into the spotlight due to a dramatic cultural shift. Unless you’re a media student or insider, its hard to see the patterns coming. Check out the three reasons why your favorite publication may be on its way out like the dinosaurs.

PHOTO: Tinashe and Nick Jonas spreads for Complex/Complex
  1. Your phone isn’t just your “phone”.

If you haven’t noticed by now, between the tweeting, the texting, and the SnapChatting, the last thing you probably use your phone for is to talk. And consumers are the same. When there’s an app there is a way, making newsstands obsolete and going the way of the dinosaurs. Or Blockbuster.

2. Magazines don’t play videos. 
Once MTV’s heralded news team of journalists and opinion writers were dropped for more video editors, times were a definitely changing. The turn around time for a 3 min video recapping the events of the day will beat a 300 word summary in this media landscape. Which begs the next question…

3. Quantity & Quality
Lack of print departments create opportunities to attack new ad revenue streams through exploring untapped media. After phasing out their physical magazine, Complex began to focus on curated video content that spoke directly to millennials. Digital projects like Hot Ones and The BluePrint cater to their core audience, by ditching the old ways of media allowing, anticipating and embracing, consumer patterns that will allow you to sustain competitive availability.

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