These Content Creators Are Your #MuseumDate Goals

4 min readFeb 14, 2019



Think of your perfect date.

Where are you?

What’s the weather like?

What are you doing?

What are you talking about?

Who are you with…?

The possibilities are endless, and they can stretch the imagination from fantasy to reality depending on who you ask. We like to think that there is a common ground for those on either end of the spectrum. Museums can be intimidating, (and galleries too in their own right) and expansive, but if given the right amount of time to explore (and get lost), these can be some of the best dates. The beauty of museum dates is that it doesn’t matter if you met this person 5 minutes ago or 5 million years ago — the way art makes people feel is undeniable and electric. Art evokes conversation and is an experience that should be shared! As a little Valentine’s Day inspo for the art lovers (or newbies) out there, we found the most exquisite content creators from the art world who definitely have their finger on the pulse ❤️, and may be our #museumdategoals.


@GirlSeesArt began sharing her adventures in art to her website and Instagram in 2016, which in turn sparked the organic interest from over 22,000 loyal art followers flocking to her feed for the next, cool artist. A curator and art world influencer, @GirlSeesArt wants to focus on bringing diversity to contemporary art. Not only has she perfected the quintessential look-at-the-art photo, but she has also made her stake as a digital trendsetter in the art industry.


@Elenasoboleva is painting the digital town red by becoming the first online sales director for the renowned gallery David Zwirner. In an industry slow to adapt to the current trends, treating an online space as a virtual gallery is a new revelation that is becoming more prominent as social media becomes more influential. Elena’s universe may teeter between digital and reality, but her feed showcases the liveliness of her travels, either in the galleries or outside in the world.


@Artstagram__ is actually the queen of content, a true jackie of all trades. She is a full-time art and social media consultant and additionally manages to merge all of her worlds into one Instagram account. Her hilarious captions and out-loud thoughts breathe a fresh new light into the art world. Though @Artstagram__ will satisfy your appetite, you can also head to @Cultbytes for more art-related news and updates.


If you want a poetic synopsis of exhibits before you see for yourself, look no further than @Bennyor. His candid storytelling of otherwise normal art experiences will encourage you to find these special moments yourself. Inspiring his followers with a uniquely creative eye and hooking captions, Benny is an architect and artist ‘IRL’ which makes total sense.


@Gallerygurls, founded by Jasmin Hernandez, covers so much pavement in the art world. Between her Instagram and website,, there is never-ending content and art-knowledge to digest (we recommend starting with her IG and then do a deep dive on her website). Packed with all things fashion/art-related, GalleryGurls also takes you for a look inside your favorite up-and-coming artists’ studios. Thought provoking interviews, including nods to minorities and people of color in the industry, shed light on all of the important topics which will make you a very well-rounded culturist.


@Artdrunk is always on the go, chasing art and new exhibits. In between running all over the world, he finds time to showcase an artist every Thursday for “Happy Hour” in his super interesting newsletter (which you can sign up for here). Each week you get a quick, snackable summary of a new artist accompanied by striking images and Gary’s enthusiastic tone. The beautiful part about his newsletters is it doesn’t matter if you are new to exploring art or if you’re an art historian — they are for made for everyone to enjoy and share.




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