How Selena Gomez became the most followed person on Instagram

Selena Gomez/Instagram

Written by WEIV Contributor, Francesca Cassola

Not that she isn’t an incredibly successful performer, but Selena Gomez was the last person you would’ve guessed to have the most followers on Instagram. The pop star has over 128 million followers, surpassing icons like Kim Kardashian (102 million) and Beyoncé (105 million). Gomez was also the first person to ever reach 100 million followers. So how does one crack the code to become Instagram’s most wanted?

In March 2016, Gomez surpassed Taylor Swift with 70 million followers — which is more than the entire population of France. However, that is only about half of the 128 million that she has currently. Gomez’s fame stems from multiple areas, including her central role on the Disney Channel’s Wizards of Waverly Place, being Justin Bieber’s ex, and having top hits like “It Ain’t Me”, “Good For You” and “Hands to Myself”. Triple threat pop stars are nothing new, but Gomez has leveraged her status to become Insta-famous?

There’s a method to the madness. First, she doesn’t post too often. Currently, she has 1.3K posts, which is around a fourth of how many followers Kylie Jenner of Kardashian royalty has. Posting less makes each post more valuable and special to her passionate fans. As Disney Channel alumni, her fans are passionate AF. Her young fanbase grew up alongside with her and have watched her evolve into the star she is today.

Selena also dominates Instagram because of her relationships with other celebrities like Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber. More important than being established celebrities, these two don’t fall far behind Selena in terms of follower count. When Selena has been featured in their posts, millions are naturally drawn to her page. These two aren’t the only celebs Selena associates with — she’s also homies with the queen Jennifer Aniston.

Selena’s posts are authentic and maintain a sense of realness. She portrays herself as a low-key, low-maintenance person when posting as opposed to being calculated and “trying too hard”. In an interview, Selena explains that she truly just posts what she feels would be fun for Instagram and doesn’t think too far beyond that. Part of her relatability comes from her somewhat self-deprecating captions. For example, in the post below:

In addition, Selena shows a lot of behind-the-scenes action. During her Revival tour, she posted about funny things going on backstage and shot footage of dance rehearsals.

To get a better idea of how Selena kills it in the Instagame, let’s check out these stats from SocialBlade.

On average, Selena gains around 34k followers daily and in the past month has gained over 1 million. Over the course of just one year, Selena went from 58.87M followers to 106.04M followers.

Another interesting thing we can do on SocialBlade is compare the stats of one celeb against another. Let’s go with Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift.

As you can see, Selena started off with fewer followers than Kim and Taylor but eventually outpaced both. In the future, Selena is predicted to rise to even greater numbers leaving Kim and Taylor in the dust. Anyone who hopes to challenge Selena has quite a journey ahead of them. For now, it seems she’ll remain the reigning Instagram queen.

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