Talk Is Cheap: Why Podcasts Are Remaking The Media Landscape

Photo: Gary Vaynerchuk/Wikimedia Commons

Although far from a new form of media, people tend to be attracted to the rawness that podcasts portray during this time of constant internet content consumption. Podcasts expand the boundaries of traditional media making both big and small corporations take notice and be humble if they want access to new outlets and aspiring influencers.

It is something about a stranger streaming some of their most vulnerable thoughts for x amount of minutes that solidifies this connection. It’s honest, organic and it is relatable and the type of content that’s a contrast from the perfect facade that we like to paint for ourselves on platforms like Instagram and Twitter. It’s not about how many likes or retweets that one receives, instead it’s the goal of getting the intended message across to their listeners. It’s a bond that lasts a lot longer –once a listener is committed it creates takeaways that can really stick. The easy access and little effort of listening to an episode are also appealing to people in a world where multitasking is at most times a given.

Microphone set up/Pexels

It almost is as if the new norm is to present yourself as being flawless on social media. Insecurities shared on podcasts tend to draw attention to people and make them want to hear more. Why? Because they are just as insecure and messed up as you are.

Building a brand as a podcast platform requires little effort and funds. Today’s technology allows anyone with a microphone or smartphone the ability to start their podcast career.

Here are my top 3 podcasts to listen to:

1. The GaryVee Audio Experience: CEO and many other things, Gary Vaynerchuk is a great host to get your day energized. From tips on how to just make your goals happen or how to conquer your fears, Gary always has an answer.

2. Young Entrepreneur Lifestyle 2.0: This is a podcast that encourages entrepreneurial paths in life and gives tips on growing your own business.

3. Mystery Show: The randomness of the “Mystery Show” is what attracted me originally to the show. Its corky spends on things and unpredictable plot Is what keeps me listening for more.

What are some of your favorite podcasts to listen to? Let us know in the comments below.

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