Welcome to Us

Mostar, Bosnia + Herzegovina

At some point we ended up there, in Bosnia, with about $400 left to last us the remaining month of our trip. Before this point it was just a conversation: “Bosnia sounds cool”.

Welcome to us — two twenty-something, soon-to-be college graduates with a plan to see the world.

This trip was a long time coming. We met in 2011 and started dating shortly after, bonding over our mutual affinity for music and travel. We would curl up on the couch and watch videos of other people’s adventures to Iceland and dream about how one day that would be us. But dreaming wasn’t enough.

When the opportunity to study abroad with our favorite professor came around, we left ourselves no choice. And rather than fly into and out of Prague like the majority of our study abroad counterparts, we were going to turn this into a summer-long journey across Europe: from Iceland to Bosnia.

Dublin, Ireland

My (Brien’s) passion first and foremost has always been travel. I grew up in a family where going on vacation meant driving from Boston to New Hampshire for a weekend, or better yet a hotel 10 miles away where we could use the pool. I always found a way to tag along with other family members on their trips, weaseling my way into Vermont and Niagara Falls and Cape Cod.

In fairness, few corners of the United States can compete with a foliage-filled autumn drive up the Kancamagus highway, or an early summer morning breakfast overlooking the Green Mountains. New England is such a beautiful, small pocket of the world. But that’s the problem. If an area that accounts for just 2% of America’s land mass has so much to offer, what else was I missing?

My first international travel experience was to Paris with a small group from my high school alongside our French language professor in 2009. I attest to this day, sending me to France was the best and worst decision of my parents’ lives. That journey (which I will likely write about some day) changed my life permanently in that I now have an ever-burning desire to get as far away from home as possible.

Mostar, Bosnia + Herzegovina

While Natale works on her finance assignments so we can graduate and get back to traveling the world, I can say this: she is the greatest life and travel partner imaginable and I certainly would have never gone on this trip if it wasn’t for her. Hopefully she’ll be writing an introductory post within the next few days, but until then I’ll be working on our first actual post about our joint favorite city in Europe: Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia. I hope you’ll enjoy our blog, we have many stories, photos, and insights to share! Get lost with us.