Lets Kick Things Off

5 fun sites that you wish you’d known about..

So this is a list of 5 sites, which you may or may not know about.. If you already knew about them, Lucky you.. If you didn’t, your welcome.

  • Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage
    YES! This is a real website.. well.. sort of. It’s a really fun game which can quickly become addictive. The game reinvokes memories of playing International Track & Fieldin the 90’s on a battered Playstation 1. The basic idea behind the 2D game is to race to the end of the level as fast as you can while jumping over the papz. Sometimes you have opponents to deal with, such as ‘Michael Fassbender as Steve Jobs’, ‘Matt Damon as The Martian’ and ‘Eddie Redmayne as The Danish Girl’. Usually after completing a level you are required to complete a bonus round, such as ‘Quaalude Overdose’, ‘Write your acceptance speech’ and slightly more in keeping with popular news, ‘find the black nominee’, most of which have something to do with Leo himself. Thoroughly enjoyed this little gem so we are going to give this site a solid 4/5.
  • How Much Is Your Spare Time Worth?
    This little tool may come in handy if you are a freelancer, or are just trying to charge someone for your time. You initially need to decide how much spare time you have per day by dragging the yellow ‘construction-esque’ boxes from left to right. Secondly you need to decide how long would you be willing to stand in line for a $100 gift certificate? (We have collectively decided that we would wait approximately 15.5 minutes.) This is done by dragging the character (you) from left to right in the queue. There are 7 questions in total, and at the end you will be presented with a figure, which indicates how much an hour of your spare time is worth, we got $87.. what did you get? Great UI and generally quite useful if not a little long. 3/5.
  • FlyingPinata
    Another awesome offering from the guys over at Bakken & Baeck. The idea behind FlyingPinata is that you (by using an app) order a Pinata to delivered directly to you, at a time that suits you.. wait for it.. BY A FRICKEN DRONE! That’s right, they deliver a Pinata to you by a miniature helicopter. Ok so this is more of an app than a website, but the website itself is pretty nice too. Were a big fan of material based flat vector design, that with the combination of animals full of candy.. win win. Were not sure.. but this seems to be a ‘Norway Only’ but we hope that is comes over the the UK sometime soon. 3/5.
  1. Keep Portland Weird
    More flat vector based designs! This little beauty makes the list purely for the design and the transitions. Although the content is a little odd, the sentiment is there. The site is the outcome of a set of interns reading a scary article about earthquakes.. The idea is that even after massively devastating natural disaster such as an earthquake, spirits can, and should still be high. The site encourages; ‘Now that you have time to work on your writing, you’ll want to get the grammar right in your Fight Club x Ramona Quimby crossover fic.’ and ‘Add a touch of whimsy to the wreckage by yarn bombing the shit out of it.’ among other whimsical phrases. Solid design and transitions, 3/5.
  1. Who Is Mr. Robot
    Last but not least is a cute little site inspired by the popular tv programme, Mr. Robot. In the series the main character Elliot, works as a cybersecurity engineer during the day, but at night he is a vigilante hacker. He is contacted through a command line much like the one used in the website, by a hacking organisation called FSociety. This website gets the thumbs up for creativity and attention to detail. Whether you are a command line enthusiast or a hater of all things black and white, you have to agree that the command line is an ugly interface, no matter how powerful. I think making a website look so good while sticking to these constraining design guidelines must have been difficult but they have managed to pull it off. 4/5. A+ for making a popular TV programme about hacking btw.