Authored by Elaine Mondy, Innovation Exhibit Manager

When you hear the word “exhibit”, what do you think? Art? History? Museums?

Well-come to Well-B!

What if you thought of health care?

That’s what Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts did. Blue Cross created Well-B, a three-story innovation center designed for collaboration that will spur change and innovation in health care. It includes a public exhibit space dedicated to starting conversations, hearing stories, and using people’s ideas to move health care forward.

Let’s think about what an exhibit is. It’s a space where a person can experience something, learn something, and if it’s done right…

Authored by Mike Safran, Innovation Strategist Well-Blog powered by BCBSMA

Actual dish made by Mike…looks good!
Actual dish made by Mike…looks good!

I was recently reminded of a line from an episode of Chef’s Table where the head chef decides to scrap the entire menu one night and create a new one. This confounds his sous chefs! All of the guests on the reservation list for that night had never been to the restaurant, and thus have never tried any of the current menu–for the guests, it’s all new. The chef responds, “well, what about us?”

This line came to mind because we ran a training recently on the approach and the…

Authored by Jacob DeBlecourt, Well-B Exhibit Associate & Field Reporter

Last week we said goodbye to our first ever exhibit in the first floor exhibition space. We collaborated with Design Museum Boston to bring attention to a field of health care which sees rapid innovation that improves lives — prosthetics. With our new exhibit, Hospital in the Home, we’re aiming at collaborating radically with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts’s most important group: our members!

Our new exhibit, which opened on Thursday, August 29th, takes visitors through the experience of having to determine the right path of care, either for…

Authored by Jacob DeBlecourt, Well-B Exhibit Associate & Field Reporter

So who is Elaine?

When it comes to museum design, our own Innovation Exhibit Manager Elaine Mondy brings the heat — though being from New Mexico, she insists it’s a dry heat. Designing and managing exhibits from the ground up can be a tough job, combining skills from social work, academic research, and museum design. “I collaborate with Blue Cross in order to educate the public about certain health care topics,” Elaine noted, seated on the cold concrete floor of the now-empty exhibit space. Today is move-in day for our…

Authored by Jacob DeBlecourt, Well-B Exhibit Associate & Field Reporter

So who is Marty?

When not managing his work life with his new place in the suburbs, Marty can often be found curled up — literally. Marty is an active participant in the sport of curling, in which he aspires to be a “Vice.” For those not familiar with the sport — as I was before writing this article — the Vice is in charge of strategy and directing the sweepers (the ones with broom sticks). In many ways, Marty sees himself as a Vice for Well-B, coordinating and strategizing…

Authored by Kristina Ross, Team Well-B

As a professional with more than eleven years of experience in a traditional office setting, the idea of innovationhas been at the core to my development but has had a fairly limited definition.

Until recently, that is.

Spending the last seven months with the Innovation Team at The Well has helped me to gain insights that years of “legacy thinking” hasn’t. I’ve had the opportunity to learn how broad the definition of innovation can be and how my restrained definition created limits and road blocks.

While the process of Human Centered Design underscores everything…

Authored by Jacob DeBlecourt, Well-B Exhibit Associate & Field Reporter

Did you know that around 44 million people rely on Medicare every year to get the basic health coverage they need? That’s a whopping 15% of the entire US population! …

Authored by Nicole Harvey, Well-B Summer Fellow

“Wow… jeans and a T-shirt… I wish I was in the innovation department,” the freshly-ironed co-worker admitted as we sat down for a meeting. A small remark that spoke volumes to the culture of clothing in the workplace.

Clothing is, at its core, a way to express yourself; But in an office setting not only is that expression limited, it is fundamentally structured so that most people have to purchase clothes solely for work wear. These clothes are often expensive, uncomfortable and, in all honesty, boring. Yet despite this we force ourselves under…

Authored by Ruby Eisenbud, Innovation Summer Fellow

I have always been a problem-solver. It makes sense today; I’m a mechanical engineering student. But it actually goes all the way back to my childhood. In elementary school, I kept a screwdriver, compass, and flashlight in my backpack and brought them with me every day. I was always ready to present a quick, creative solution to any type of challenge. As I learned about the world, both in school and from growing up in Toronto and Boston, I realized that there are myriad problems to be solved and that all of those…

Authored by Alex Connor; Designer/Educator/Student/Weirdo

From an outside perspective, did you ever expect designers to take a seat at the table in America’s health care reform?

Before I turned twenty-one, I never remotely considered joining the health care industry. As an up-and-coming designer, hungry for problems to solve, I learned through a college class embedded within Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts that there is a demand for human-centered design in the world of health care understood by few. The lack of user-centered practice in one of the world’s largest industries blew my mind and still does to this day.

Well-Blog powered by BCBSMA

We are the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts innovation team. We now have a home @TheWellB_ .Our mission: reinvent health care!

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