Tom Perez Voted as the New DNC Chairman!

There were two primary candidates who fought in the battle for the #DNC #Chair position; #KeithEllison, the public favorite and a moderate progressive, and #TomPerez, the establishment candidate. It goes without surprise to see the #DemocraticParty has chosen Tom Perez to be the new leader of the DNC. If #Democrats weren’t already satisfied with cheating #BernieSanders out of the primary position, they must have their fill now that they have rejected another #Progressive favorite of the people. This should be more than enough proof to show how the Democratic Party is NOT the party for the people. Keith Ellison received more calls, emails, and letters from Democratic voters asking for him to become the new DNC Chair, these pleas were ignored. Bernie Sanders has done his best to try to reform the Democratic Party and open the doors for new and young voters. The DNC has rejected this approach at every turn. If we want to get the people’s message out to the political class, we need a people’s party. Don’t think Democrats or #Republicans are on your side. The #Revolution continues.