The abnormal Fear of Thunder & lightning.

The clouds outside were heavy. They hung low, burdened by the weight of my unshed tears. The distinct taste of fear in the wind encouraged me to close my windows; I wasn’t ready for a stomach full of anxiety just yet.

Curled up under my sheet I felt the temperate fall to a chilling low, he was here… his fists crashed at my door one after the other.

“It’s time to play.”

But I didn’t want to, so with fear dripping from my tongue I let out a scream that was bested by his fists, still hammering away. It was at this point the clouds released my tears.

Steadying my breathing, I soaked in a little peace that was now falling slowly onto my forehead with a soft pit pat.

In and out, I was master of my breathing; in control of at least one thing.

With time, the hammering stopped and the mad-man disappeared once more. I was fine, I had made it through another attack on my life.