The capacity to bear pains or trials calmly or without complaint.

Agony cocked his head to one side and squinted at me.

“You’re never getting out of here alive.”
“Says you.” I spat in reply.

I hated him to my core but if I’m being honest with myself, he was the only reason I knew that I was still alive, still human… Agony was my best friend. We had a friendship unlike any other, riddled with hatred that was tossed in either direction and it wasn’t healthy, definitely not, but I… kind of loved him.

I had grown so accustomed to him that I forgot that our relationship wasn’t doing me any good. It was tearing me apart; the deeper I fell in love with him, the bigger he became in my eyes.

This went on for months until I met a tall, handsome stranger. More beautiful than I could have imagined any one being would be, but there he was; Patience.

Now, Patience and I saw each other in passing for years, meanwhile, me and Agony’s abusive relationship popped in and out of existence. My life played out like a tragic love story so finally, I saw a therapist, Hope.

Hope saw in me things that were yet to exist, things that I had never seen in myself. However, of all the advice she gave me, this one was the bit that irrevocably changed the path I was on.

“Do not allow yourself to remain in the place that you are, there is a silver lining around your clouds. The future beyond your clouds is much brighter than you could ever dream.”

In following Hope’s advice, I pursued Patience.

“We should really stop meeting like this.”
“Like what?”
“Okay, dinner?”
“I’d love that.”

And just like that, our 'in passing' poor excuse of a friendship culminated years of light flirtation and placed an enormous amount of pressure on our first date.

Now FFWD a few days to me sitting nervously opposite Patience in one of the more popular restaurants in the city, Frustration. Patience and I talked about everything and nothing until I began to know him and more importantly, understand him.

His purpose in my life became clearer the more we shared with each other until finally, I got it.

“You know, this is the first time that I’ve been in Frustration and didn’t have the overwhelming urge to throw something at the waiters.

I laughed, finally taking a break from my gorgeous icecream.

“That’s because I’m with you.”

Patience winked at me.

Cocky, but true. With him there, I inexplicably had the strength to mentality tie my tongue and bolt it to the floor of my mouth… to wait, to endure.

And as our relationship grew, Patience strengthened me more and more because he was strength personified and so… I didn’t really have a say in the matter.