A Wild Ride

Building Wild Shore, from the sand up, 2 years in

We’re approaching 2 years into founding Wild Shore. We started with a lot of ambition and few guiding ideas:

  • We could build an agency to our own code: courage, integrity, self-reliance, California spirit

Beyond that we didn’t know what would happen. (We still don’t.) Our best work has happened when we say yes to things, then engage directly with the problems at hand.

The best part has been working closely with founders and entrepreneurs, seeing their excitement as their vision is clarified and distilled through brand strategy and identity, then manifest through content, product and experience.

We are Chelsea (Creative Director), Larry (Strategist and writer) and Molly (CEO, ops, all-around boss). Here are some of the stories behind a few of the projects we’ve been part of, and the people we’ve worked with:

Good Medicine Co.

Founders Astrid & Byrd are pioneering a new category of food remedies that brings together ancient wisdom and modern science. We’ve been working alongside them to establish their brand strategy and identity.

American Giant

American Giant is an apparel company with a mission: Make things better by making better things. We worked with founder Bayard Winthrop and team on a series of brand-building projects.


Founders Erika Olsen and Greg Long have a vision for a new kind of cannabis brand: one centered around remarkable lifestyle experiences and beautifully-designed devices.


Raheem is an activist startup working to change policing by gathering data from communities about their encounters with police. We worked with founder Brandon D. Anderson to create brand, digital product and marketing to launch the program in Oakland.

Raheem in Fast Co. here


NMV is a women-led venture capital group that invests in progressive, mission-driven startups. We helped them reframe their brand with new urgency and clarity.


A glittering assortment of projects that don’t fit into other categories.

And if you’re curious, you can read the origin story behind our own brand here:

Coming soon:

Some projects currently in the works…

Yard Studio: Democracy of Garden Design

TeachingBooks: For the Love of Reading

Rocksbox: Jewelry = Joy

…and more

In the coming few months we have some big plans: launching a publication, selling some own products we’ve been developing, adding roles and perspectives — and of course, working with founders, entrepreneurs and marketers bringing beautiful, strange, wonderful new things into existence.

Wild Shore is a creative company. We work with founders, entrepreneurs and marketers to build modern brands.

Keep in touch: follow us on Instagram or here on Medium.



A creative company. We work alongside founders and their teams to build modern brands. Based in Oakland, California.

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Wild Shore

A creative company. We work alongside founders and their teams to build modern brands. Based in Oakland, California.