True stories for of people making in the USA for American Giant

American Giant’s greatest asset is its honesty. There is no secret algorithm. Only the hard work of un-shuttering factories, training sew teams, sourcing materials, designing and delivering well-made apparel.

We needed to harness that truth and connect it to an audience that would value its clarity and authenticity.

In our conversations some ideas started to emerge: why not show the product through the stories of real people? Who better to demonstrate and stand for American Giant’s durable, USA-made product?

We sought out people who make in the USA, who make things better by making better things, who share the company’s values and ethos.

We met some amazing people in the process. Just to name some of them:

Fisher’s Island Oyster Farm: a young crew of oyster farmers working on a beautiful island off the coast of NY.

Smokin’ Woods BBQ: right here in Oakland — two brothers working together to create a family take on Texas BBQ.

Boba Guys: self-described “immigrant kids” with a mission to bridge cultures with boba tea as the vehicle.

Del Popolo: an ex-law student who built his own massive pizza oven on wheels.

Taken as a whole, it’s a portrait of people in pursuit: who believe things can be better, who want to create community, who use commerce and entrepreneurship to blend life and work.

Their optimism and grit was inspiring to us at Wild Shore as we rush after our own endeavor.

We directed photo shoots, developed content, then extended that through through digital channels, their catalog and even events.

The result: a mass of great stories and amazing people who embody what’s best about the brand and our country.

We love all our projects, but we’re extra proud of this one.

Wild Shore is a creative company. We work with founders, entrepreneurs and marketers to build modern brands.

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A creative company. We work alongside founders and their teams to build modern brands. Based in Oakland, California.

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