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3 min readJul 23, 2019

Bringing a new kind of nourishing remedy to life

When Astrid and Byrd came to our offices to tell us about their business, Good Medicine Co., we couldn’t wait to help them bring it to the world.

Astrid and Byrd had brought together a diverse set of ideas — Ayurvedic medicine, nutritional science, culinary craft — to create a line of accessible everyday foods (think cookies, teas, spices and shrubs) that act as health remedies for problems like poor sleep and uncomfortable periods. (Also, they’re delicious.)

Since what they’re creating is essentially a new category, brand had a critical job to do, helping consumers understand and find a place for it in their lives.

Wild Shore developed foundational brand strategy helping them articulate their offering cleanly and crisply (nourishing remedies) and their mission, to change people’s relationship to food and their health.

We developed packaging and the unboxing experience alongside brand identity (and actually finalized the logo last), since we knew that the experience with the kit of products (i.e. the New Mom Kit) and the physical products was the most direct and critical touchpoint consumers were having with the brand.

The visual brand elements are rooted in the duality of Good Medicine Co. — balancing ancient with modern, old-world with new, food with medicine.

We balanced expressive brushstroke patterns with simple informational iconography (which feels more medicinal) and clean, contemporary typography. The logo itself has balance and tension in the solid, filled shapes and the open, lighter letterforms. The meaning of the name itself is complex and provocative, so the logo is intended to retain legibility and simplicity.

We developed verbal branding that expressed these core ideas: Food is Medicine, Ancient Wisdom + Modern Science.

The whole expresses the unlikely combination of influences that is at the heart of Good Medicine Co.

As a creative company, strong ideas and beautiful design is important for us. But it is working with founders, helping them bring their creative ideas to reality that has turned out to be the real joy.

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