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Wild Shore
2 min readJul 22, 2019

Envisioning a cohesive experience for a new weed lifestyle

Murmmr founders Erika Olson and Greg Long have an ambitious idea. A new consumer cannabis brand, centered around simple, beautiful devices and a remarkable lifestyle. We found ourselves drawn in by their vision.

We worked closely with them to refine their brand strategy and their communications points: how they talked about what they were doing.

Then we helped bring their idea to life, imagining a series of extraordinary moments, then illustrating them across the customer journey. We envisioned how someone might encounter the brand in marketing, through guided, concierge-like ecommerce, through packaging and unboxing and use over time.

It’s perfect proof of our belief that a brand isn’t a logo (we didn’t even design the logo in this case — that was handiwork of industrial design partner Level Studios) but a consumer’s entire relationship with a company.

To that end, Wild Shore wrote copy, developed and illustrated creative concepts, designed packaging, art-directed a scrappy photo shoot and even helped Erika and Greg put together their investor deck.

The product is currently being piloted in market— Stay tuned for more.

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A creative company. We work alongside founders and their teams to build modern brands. Based in Oakland, California.