All You Need is Love

I’ve always liked myself. At different times in my life I’d say I’ve even liked myself a lot.

But I don’t know that I love myself. I’ve always depended on other people to do that for me. I always sought validation from the people around me.

If I had learned to love myself, I wouldn’t need to lean so heavily on other peoples acceptance of me. I would simply accept myself for who I am. I would just be me.

The Beatles sing “all you need is love”. I once wrote about how right they were; that all you need is the love of the people around you and to love them in return.

I realize now that I only had it half right. All you need IS love. But it all starts with love for yourself. If you truly love yourself, others will see that, and they will love you too. Only when you truly love yourself can you love and accept the people around you.

Love the people in your life unconditionally. Accept their love with the utmost gratitude. But never lose sight of yourself. Life is long and complicated and it’s far too easy to get lost in the dreams of the people around you.

Pursue your dreams and become the person that you’ve always wanted to be. The people who matter most will accept you no matter what that dream is.

Most importantly, you will love and accept yourself.