Money is the Root of All Evil

Writing Exercise #1 : Argue Against a Cliché\

Money is the root of all evil.

Here’s my first problem with that. Tree don’t have one root. They have roots, tons of them, spreading as they grow, weaving and crossing at unpredictable junctures.
Here’s a bigger problem; money is only a means to an end. I’m not saying we should disregard this cliché completely. Money can create power. It can grant a sense of control and it ensures “superiority” to those without it.
But money is just man’s answer to insecurity. It can never be spread equally, or it would lose its purpose. We will always fight over it because there will always be people who think to themselves, “I’m not good enough.” People will do anything to feel good enough.
Evil has many roots, stretching almost endlessly down into the depths of earth’s history. This evil might be nurtured by outside forces; things like limited resources and violent hierarchies. More often the roots reside deep inside of us all; the little voice in our heads whispering those three simple words of ruination. 
“Not good enough.”