Issue Tracker

The time has come! I’m thrilled to put out the list of political issues that I will be looking at over the next, well, several years looking at the length.

The list is structured in three tiers for ease of understanding for both me and you. For example, within Defense there is the Air Force. And within the Air Force there are fighter aircraft. A sample post would look at US fighter aircraft and come up with an understanding of their current state and an argument for the future direction. My hope is that this will help me defend my position to policy wonks at both a high-level and in-depth.

I want this list to be full but it is bound to change in time. Whether it’s because I found an issue missing, or a reader thinks two issues can be combined to one, I am open. But what this this is is a starting point and that is what this site is all about.

Enough with the preface — see the list below!

Issue Tracker
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