How I would present myself? Seyma ("turkish:Shayma) ; a quite enthusiastic and passionate young woman embodying a mergence/confaltion of German and Turkish culture.
Being a student of German and English Literature and Linguistics and therefore of Goethe, Morrison or Mamet, Seyma loves reading, listening, thinking and trying to understand the world on a more creative and critical basis.

w r I t I n g Whereas every human being has a different perspective on writing, in my eyes writing is a platform for reflecting and meanwhile trying to catch some shivers from that reflection at the same time. Writing is a process full of action; writing is revealing identities and its reasons. Writing can be an asylum, when it comes to hearing and voicing yourself out of the dark.

L I v I n g Live seems to be a bundle of happiness, adventures and unforgettable memories shown by shining faces and bright colors. My dearest friend told me once "live is like a heartbeat, it goes up and down and once it stops to act like a rollercoaster you stop living."

Let’s go on this ride together and share this individual rollercoaster movements with each other, as a collective:

Writing is Sharing, living is caring!