I find your NaNoWriMo experience interesting, because the one time I did it several years ago, it…
Brian van der Spuy

That is interesting. We all have our different ways of writing though, and we have to find the way that works for us. So long as I know where I want my characters to end up I can usually finish something, but if they’re wandering aimlessly they’ll continue to do so until I write myself into a plot hole.

You don’t necessarily have to plot it all out. Having plotted some of my current stuff a lot more than ususual it has taken some of the fun out of writing a first draft, which is my favourite part. However, it’s also helped me to write the ideas down faster.

I think it’s about finding the right method for you. The more you write, the closer you’ll get to finding it!

Are you doing NaNoWriMo this year?