The Wuff Guide — #domorewithyourdog

Having moved to Cambridgeshire from the obvious beauty of the leafy, rolling hills of Surrey, it has taken me a while (and the births of a couple of children) to appreciate what this more subtly beautiful but FLAT (and we live in the ‘hilly part’) county has to offer.

Married/family life has always included our lovely JRT Maggie whom we

rescued from the streets of Caterham — complete with diamante collar and pink nail varnish on her claws. She was not house trained and could not really stand on the floor without shaking with nerves.

We were determined that that was not the kind of dog that she was destined to be (although she has firmly held on to some of her more princess-like pretensions — a keen dislike of mud and external contact with water in any form: puddles, rain, rivers, lakes, sea, bathwater…).

Having a dog is a great reason to explore the great outdoors. Even better if you have kids, for whom fresh air is basically medicine (give them it and they become healthier, happier, calmer — what’s not to love about that?) Our mini-adventures are some of the best times that we spend together as a family.

And let’s not forget the core reason for this campaign: dogs. Dogs need stimulation and variety. In the busy modern world it is all too easy to give them a diet of the same old walks each day, pounding the pavements or frequenting the same sections of grass with the occasional game of fetch thrown in for good measure.

And if you manage that, you’re doing ok. But really, they deserve more.

I decided that it was time to take the initiative and find out more great places to go locally with my dog and family and inspire others to explore a little further with us.

And so was born The Wuff Guide.

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